Qatar Airways Contact Number: 0844 826 8358

If you’d like to enquire about flight prices, destinations, or you would like to know a little more about the Privilege Club, call 0844 826 8358. This is an automated service, which means that you will be a choice of departments to choose from. Once you hear the department you wish to be connected to, press the corresponding number on the keypad. If you are unsure which department you would like to speak to – or you would like to be connected the customer service team, simply choose the customer service department from the list you are given.


If you’re looking for a great deal, for a flight at a certain time, or you would simply like to book the next available flight to a certain destination, the booking helpline is the number you need to call (0843 208 2449). Although this number is automated, you will only need to choose from an option to speak to an operator about a new booking, or to an operator about a previous booking.

The latter choice is for those who are experiencing difficulty with their booking and would like assistance. This can be used if the Qatar Airways website is down, or if your booking reference is not being accepted by the system. If this has happened to you, call 0843 208 2449. You may need to provide a passport number or booking reference if you wish to speak to someone about your booking.

Check in

The Check In Helpline 0843 290 7181 is for those who would like to check in for their flight – or for those who have tried to check in online with Qatar Airways, and are experiencing difficulty on the website. Before you check in, you should ensure that you have all passports handy for those you wish to check in with, along with any booking confirmation number, as you may need this in order to confirm who you are.

In order to check in quickly, you should also ensure that you have the correct baggage allowance, all your documents with you before you head to the airport, and that you have made arrangements to make it to and from the airport you are travelling from.

If you would like personalized information about a particular airport, you can call 0843 290 7181 in order to speak to someone.

Privilege Club

The Privilege Club is for those who travel with Qatar Airways often, and would like to earn points from the journeys they have taken. Membership comes in the form of tiers, and those who join can earn points over a 12 month period before they are reset.

Tiers range from Burgundy to Platinum, each with their own benefits for members. If you would like to find out how you can become a member, or what benefits are given to you in your current tier, call 0843 208 2448 and someone will be able to help you further. If you already have an account, you may need to give the operator details so that you can be confirmed as the account holder.